Dear Grayhawks Parents & Guardians,

We’re excited to announce a new initiative for the 2024 Grayhawks season: the formation of the Grayhawks Committee. This committee is designed to serve as a liaison between you, the parents, and our dedicated coaches, ensuring your voices are heard and valued. It will act as a bridge, bringing any significant concerns directly to the Board for consideration and swift resolution.

To uphold the integrity and impartiality of this committee, we’ve carefully selected representatives who do not coach within the grades they’ll be representing, eliminating any potential conflicts of interest. The committee members are as follows:

– For 7th and 8th grades: Glen Garvin
– For 3rd to 6th grades: Ian Persson
– For 1st and 2nd grades: Tom Lambe

This proactive step is part of our ongoing effort to enhance the Grayhawks Football experience, addressing any frustrations that may arise during the season and ensuring all parents are fully informed of our policies well in advance. The Grayhawks Committee will also be responsible for updating our website with pertinent information before the season starts.

Moreover, we are committed to fostering a positive and respectful environment for our players and coaches. To this end, we’re implementing written policies covering coaching conduct, playtime allocation, and a comprehensive Code of Conduct for players, coaches, and parents.

In addition to policy development, we’re also focused on preparing our athletes for success with the introduction of offensive and defensive playbooks. These will include a selection of 15-20 “Wing T” offense plays provided by Mountain Lakes Football Head Coach Darrell Fusco and defensive strategies coordinated with Coaches Stanz (also of Mountain Lakes) and Loeffler (Grayhawks Board member and former coach of 15+ years), ensuring our young athletes are well-prepared for their future in high school sports.

Please find below the list of head coaches for each grade, along with a note on their decision-making authority:

– 8th Grade: Mickey Hulse, overseeing 7th and 8th grades
– 7th Grade: Scott Brown
– 6th Grade: Glen Garvin, overseeing 5th and 6th grades
– 5th Grade: Henry Ram
– 4th Grade: Dave Lafiura, overseeing 3rd and 4th grades
– 3rd Grade: Jake Wolff
– 2nd Grade: Ian Pearson, overseeing 1st and 2nd grades
– 1st Grade (and Kindergarten): Matt Sullivan

We are confident that these enhancements will significantly contribute to a rewarding and enjoyable season for our athletes, coaches, and you, the parents. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Warm regards,

Jamie Rodgers
Secretary, Grayhawks Board of Directors

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